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Customer Testimonials

I came to see Laurie in a time of severe stress where I felt my foundation in life was crumbling.  I very quickly found myself feeling safe and relaxed and able to speak from my heart.  The compassion and warmth I experienced with Laurie helped me move forward while nurturing life and healing from within.  I'm so grateful to have found her.  Life is good. 

K. L.

" Recently my wife left our almost 20 year relationship.This was my "atomic bomb". I was in despair.
Laurie coached me efficiently to let go of my life's negative baggage, to shed light on my despair, my failure.
I am now healed, happy and feel confident to live what is left of my life. I now trust my decisions and choices to guide me.
Thank you, Laurie for this outstanding coaching."

- G. H.